Load Secure’s real-time supply chain tracking is your key to enhanced visibility and reliable shipment monitoring. Our cutting-edge platform provides the most accurate updates on the precise location of your shipment, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

World map showing capabilities of supply chain tracking


Truly Uninterrupted

View your shipment locations even when drivers have killed their app.

In-Depth Order History

See when shipments arrived and departed from locations, observe events, and more.

Turn-by-turn Accuracy

Locations displayed in Load Secure are accurate down to the exact parking spot.

Seamlessly Integrated

Take advantage of precise tracking anywhere within your operations.


Load Secure tracking portal statuses


Our system provides on-time notifications that keep you informed about whether a shipment will arrive as scheduled. No more waiting in the dark; you’ll have the confidence to plan and make informed decisions in real-time.


Load Secure provides precise location updates down to the exact parking spot, giving you a comprehensive view of your shipment’s journey. With  detailed records, you can track the movement of your cargo every step of the way and enhance transparency and accountability throughout your supply chain.

Supply chain tracking app shows accuracy of location tracking
Driver tracking app shows driver information on portal


Access a comprehensive history of everywhere your drivers have been throughout their journey. 


This retrospective analysis provides invaluable insights into the efficiency of delivery processes, identifying areas of improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Even in the event of a driver turning off the app, you can rest assured that you can still view their location and receive updates on your shipment. If a driver loses service, you can go back and see exactly where they were once they gain connection again.

Breadcrumb trail of supply chain tracking on map
Secure Your Freight with Supply Chain Tracking graphic


Our supply chain tracking application respects the privacy of drivers by only recording location when a shipment is in-transit. 


We respect your confidentiality and ensure that sensitive information remains protected at all times with the world’s most secure data infrastructure.

Join thousands of drivers and clients who have witnessed increased efficiency, reduced delivery times, and elevated customer satisfaction.