Load Secure Systems provides tracking visibility and digital documentation solutions for the transportation industry. With a commitment to compliance and efficiency, we help our customers improve visibility and increase efficiency, while catalyzing innovation within the supply chain. We are currently seeking talented and innovation-driven individuals to join our team.

Marketing Manager

You will play a crucial role in developing and executing marketing strategies to enhance our brand presence, generate leads, and support the overall growth of the company. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams and utilize your creative and analytical skills to identify opportunities.

Technical Assistant

Assist with day-to-day technical, administrative, and support tasks. This role requires strong attention to detail and effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and contribute to project success.

Sales Representative

You will play a key role in driving revenue growth by prospecting, nurturing leads, and closing deals with potential clients. Your primary responsibility will be to build and maintain strong relationships with key decision-makers in the supply chain industry.

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