Load Secure’s collaborative team focuses on providing real-time data for your supply chain from warehousing, to transportation, to fleet management, and more. When you have your providers use Load Secure, your products will be supported by the highest-visibility platform on the market. Feel releived from constant worry with live support available to you.

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Load Secure can provide real-time data for all levels of your supply chain.

Load Secure Helps You With...


  • PO information within your portal
  • Portal functionality from your mobile device
  • Links to share information with others
  • Timestamps on accurate breadcrumb trails of delivered orders


  • Real-time tracking on all orders
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Continuous location updates
  • Delivery estimations


  • The most secure infrastructure worldwide to protect your data
  • Integrations with multiple other providers
  • Event updates
  • Real-time support

Why Load Secure

Take advantage of unmatched accuracy

The driver mobile application uses both precise and coarse location so that you can see exactly where your products are, and the direction they are heading.

View all your orders by logging in

When you log in to the portal, you can immediately view all of your orders, from all of your providers that are using Load Secure.

Invite a provider yourself

If you have a provider that is not using Load Secure, but you would like them to, you can invite them through the portal or reach out to the Load Secure team! With technical expertise, Load Secure offers customizations, integrations, and communicates with your providers to bring better visibility and simplicity to you.

By using Load Secure, you reduce your communication efforts with partners, transportation service providers, and drivers drastically. With your transportation service providers also using Load Secure, they can help in providing you the most accurate and up-to-date information through your portal.