Streamline logistics operations, gain real-time visibility into shipments, and ensure on-time deliveries with proactive alerts. Experience enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Worker pushing boxes for shipment location tracking

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Our system facilitates rapid, effortless, and highly secure sharing of shipment information with utmost efficiency.

Seamlessly visualize the entire journey of shipments and pinpoint their exact locations at every stage.

Experience unparalleled precision with unrivaled real-time tracking for orders, with down-to-the-minute data available.

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On-Time Alerts

Using the driver’s real-time location, precise time of arrival estimates are calculated for each stop. This intelligent system then dynamically assesses whether the order is on track, at risk, or potentially delayed, providing proactive insights to ensure timely deliveries.


We offer the unique capability to track driver locations down to the precise parking spot, ensuring unmatched precision in monitoring and managing shipments.

Stay ahead with arrival time estimates for all shipments, empowering you to plan and manage your operations with unmatched efficiency.

View vital insights about your driver such as their last check-in, their location permissions, application information, and more.

Event Updates and Notifications

Stay in the loop with versatile event updates and notifications that can be tailored to your preferences, whether it’s email, text messages, or through the user-friendly portal. Customize which essential updates you receive about key shipment milestones, such as order dispatch, loading, delivery, ETA, and more.


The driver's phone number enables secure tracking

Enhanced data protection

Cutting-edge data protection measures safeguard documents, location data, shipment details, and client information with the highest level of security.

Integrations with multiple platforms

Existing and custom integrations ensure effortless compatibility with existing systems, eliminating learning curves and streamlining processes.

Real-time support

Experience reliable assistance with our real-time support, available to both users and drivers across all plans.

Drive Real Transparency in Your Supply Chain.