Load Secure found that the main challenge in achieving high driver compliance is the lack of simplicity within tracking apps. Our app is as simple as possible, while still maintaining enjoyable features. This allows our users to consistently see over 95% compliance.

Driver tracking app login screen


The Load Secure Systems Driver application is as simple as possible, resulting in the industry’s highest compliance rates. Drivers log in, enable location services, and begin their journey.


Drivers regularly provide positive feedback regarding its simplicity – which is 

what ensures that they are on tracking so that you can stay connected with 

your products 24/7.

Simplicity: No actions are required on the driver’s end

Speed: Drivers can be on tracking in under 45 seconds.

Privacy: Once orders are delivered, drivers are no longer tracked.


The mobile application was developed alongside the platform, not added to it. So it is seamlessly integrated with the Load Secure portal and ensures that you can use all of the offered features to their full potential. 



If you have customers who insist you follow suit with their other providers that use other platforms, you can still take advantage of our simple app and its superior services. Load Secure offers many integrations with other platforms and TMS providers, so that you can still use the Load Secure driver app which is the golden key to high compliance. 



Drivers can download the Load Secure Systems driver mobile application from both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Globe with pinpoints to show 3PL location tracking


The Load Secure driver app comes with many features that drivers enjoy, and we continue to improve it.

Unlike other mobile apps, drivers do not have to mark event updates on their end. This means less work for the driver, and more accurate information for portal users. In addition, this respects drivers’ privacy as the app does not continue to track past when an order is delivered, without a driver having to mark it.

Other features enhance drivers’ likeability for the app, making them more willing to use it, and increasing compliance. While features such as fuel, wash, and weigh stations are becoming common to see in mobile tracking apps, Load Secure has advanced these features and continues adding more. Soon to be included in the app will be parking, weather warnings, and more.