Load Secure Systems helps those in logistics and transportation by providing data security, customizations, compliance, simplicity, and more. Load Secure provides you and your customers benefits that are unmatched within the industry.

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Load Secure provides real-time location no matter where you are.

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Load Secure helps maintain over a 95% compliance rate. COMPLIANCE
Load Secure leads to increased customer satisfaction. SATISFACTION
Load Secure leads to increased productivity. PRODUCTIVITY
Load Secure Portal is customizable to your business needs.


Load Secure is designed by supply chain experts who saw the need for such a system. With our insight, we understand the components necessary to achieve success within the industry.our customers benefits that are unmatched within the industry.

Customization is crucial when working in the supply chain industry. That is why Load Secure is customizable, so that you can choose what you, your employees, and your customers see.


With high compliance and real-time tracking, your customers will know where their shipments are 24/7. This means higher satisfaction, less phone calls, and less emails. Your customers’ experience of working with you will be one of appreciation and simplicity.

The Load Secure driver mobile application is the golden key to your high compliance rates. Drivers only need to download it, and they are on tracking. You do not need to wait for them to accept an order or complete any tasks on their side. This decreases the amount of time that you are reaching out to customers, and increases the amount of time that you have to maximize your business efforts.

Load Secure's portal and mobile application are extremely simple, resulting in high compliance.
Find out about how Load Secure is revolutionizing supply chains around the world!


Load Secure’s team stays up-to-date on technology changes, location regulations, service provider changes, and anything that could have an effect on the accuracy, visibility, or timeliness of your orders.

When other location service providers faced issues with legality obtaining driver locations, their products suffered. Load Secure saw the potential of mobile location services and began building a platform that would not only obtain location information, but be the most accurate and real-time on the market.

Later, when major phone OS providers set out new privacy regulations, other providers suffered again. Load Secure was ahead of this challenge and implemented changes within the mobile app that ensured drivers remained on tracking.