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Load Secure provides shippers, receivers, and transportation service providers with real-time location tracking for shipments increasing transparency, security, efficiency, and accuracy.

Your Real-time visibility solution


Designed for logistics professionals by logistics professionals. The Load Secure enterprise solutions team can customize Load Secure to fit your exact business needs. Load Secure has a streamlined platform for easy implementation.


Load Secure Systems is protected with AWS Cloud Security, the most secure global infrastructure available. Coupled with a seamless integration process, you can feel confident knowing where your shipments are 24/7.


The Load Secure Driver application uses both precise and coarse location so you can see exactly where your shipment is – down to the exact parking spot. Location in the user portal updates in real time, so you never lose visibility.

Take control of your supply chain today. Find out about the technology to revolutionize supply chains around the world with a 30 day free trial!

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Load Secure mobile application allows for real-time tracking of your supply chain products.

load secure driver mobile application


The Load Secure Systems Driver Application is as simple as possible, resulting in over a 95% compliance rate. Drivers log in, enable location services, and begin their journey.

It has received excellent feedback from drivers regarding its simplicity – which is what ensures that they are on tracking so that you can stay connected with your products 24/7.

The mobile application was developed alongside the platform, not added to it. So it is seamlessly integrated with the Load Secure portal, and is used for integrations outside of Load Secure as well.

Drivers can download the Load Secure Systems driver mobile application form both the Apple and Google Play store.

load secure portal

The Load Secure user portal is easy to navigate and has features useful to you and your business. Easily share locations with customers, and view updates by the second.

Shippers and receivers can take advantage of quick and easy to view information, displayed immediately upon login. No learning curve, and no difficult steps.

The portal is customizable to fit your needs – whether you need a simple platform, extra features, or scalability, the Load Secure enterprise team works with you to get exactly what you need.

The Load Secure portal shows you accurate, real-time locations of your products.


Load Secure requires no contracts, and customers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial for a limited time, because we are certain that you will be more than satisfied with our product.

Offering customizable and affordable pricing plans, Load Secure values transparency and success for your business.

Load Secure is your real-time visibility solution. Secure your freight today.