The Load Secure driver tracking app is as simple as possible, resulting in an industry-leading 95% compliance rate. Drivers log in, enable location services, and begin their journey.

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Driver tracking app login screen


Drivers receive a text message with a link to download and install the app. They enter their phone number and verification, allow their location permissions, and you can instantly view their location.


Never lose visibility as location is recorded even when the app is killed or network connection is lost.


Designed with simplicity in mind, drivers don’t have to navigate through the app to view shipment details. Directly from their home screen, they can view the shipments assigned to them and the necessary information.

Driver tracking app orders screen
Driver tracking app document upload screen


For documents not managed directly through Load Secure, drivers can easily upload photos of documents through their driver tracking app.


Drivers can view places of interest near them and along their route. This helps in planning their trip and optimizing delivery times, as well as providing value to drivers, incentivizing them to use tracking.

Driver tracking app places of interest screen


Does the app continue to track me after I finish loads?

Nope! Once a load is marked delivered, your location will no longer be sent to the Load Secure database. Companies you have worked with will not be able to see your location after your shipment is delivered, and you can keep the app on your phone for your next order without worrying about it draining your battery.

Why do I need to set location permissions to "always allow"?

In order to ensure that all functionality works properly, you will need to allow this setting. This ensures that if you accidentally close the app, whoever you are driving for can still see the location of their shipments, and you can avoid having to answer another phone call asking where you are.

Do I need to keep my app open?

While your location will continue to send even if you have the app killed, certain features will be limited. In order to experience the full benefits of the app, it is in your best interest to keep the app running in the background for the duration of your shipment.

How do I start my shipment?

You don’t need to! The Load Secure app is as simple as possible, which means that tracking will start automatically before the time of pickup. Simply open your app once you receive a notification for your shipment starting and you will be sending your location. No accepting of orders or starting of trips necessary.

How do I upload documents?

To upload a document for an order, simply tap on the order from your homepage. There is a “documents” section with a plus icon next to it. Clicking on this icon will bring you to take a photo of a document. You can crop the image and add multiple pages. Once you are ready, hit “upload” – this document will instantly be visible to your transportation provider.

How do I work the digital BOL feature?

If you navigate to an orders page and see a BOL or POD available, you can click the QR code icon next to it. Present this to the person intended to sign the BOL / POD, and they will be taken to a webpage to sign the document digitally.

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