Driver Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Contact Information

You provide your phone number to Load Secure Systems upon signing into the app. This is all the information collected from the app. When registering as a driver with Load Secure Systems, you do provide shippers with your name to be associated with your phone number, but your phone number serves as your unique identifier and therefore is all that needs to be collected within the app. 

location information

For the app to function properly, you need to set your location to “allow always”, or the equivalent option. Directions for this are included in the Load Secure Driver Use Packet, as well as outlined within the application. We collect both precise and coarse locations when you have an active PO. 

device information

Load Secure stores your battery percentage in the database, so that we can tell if you are off tracking due to lack of charge, or if there is a different issue that is impacting your location services being provided to us. We record your device name to ensure that the information being collected is coming from the correct device. If you have two devices, it is important that the system can differ between the two so that the information recorded is accurate. 

How We Use Your Information

Your phone number is needed to coordinate your Load Secure Systems driver record with your orders in the Load Secure database and platform. Your phone number is your unique identifier within the system. We will not send you any subscriptionbased or promotional texts, only texts that are required for the functionality of the application and platform itself.  

Your location is used for the app functionality. The Load Secure Driver application needs to maintain location tracking on your device to be able to update the location tracking on the shipments that you are carrying. This application may need to use your location even when it is not open if you have an active PO. We also record the movement of your device, to determine the direction in which you are traveling. This is important as we can make time estimates for delivery and can observe if route changes occur. 

Options You Have

If you wish to be in control over when you can be tracked, you can do so by going into your settings to turn off the location sharing for the Load Secure application. However, upon receiving a new PO, you will have to re-enable this. Without having your location services turned on for the Load Secure application, your shipments cannot be tracked, and this may affect your ability to be paid through certain providers. 

Information We Do Not Collect

The Load Secure application only collects your phone number, precise location, and coarse location. We do not collect your e-mail or last name. We do not require access to your microphone or speakers, and we currently do not require access to your camera or photos. 

What We Do Not Do With Your Information

We do not share your information with any third-party platforms or parties. Your information is only visible to the Load Secure Systems administrators, and the platform developers. For your additional privacy, these individuals do not have any access to obtaining your last name, as your phone number is your unique identifier and therefore your last name is not necessary.   

We do not sell your information or permit the usage of the information for anything other than the platform functionality. In the event that a court order was provided that asked for any of your information that we have available, we may be required to share this with the authorized party.


Tracking is necessary for the Load Secure Driver application to function properly. In order for shippers and receivers to know where their products are, they need to be able to see your location. You can learn more about this in the Load Secure Driver Usage Guide. It is necessary that you enable location services for Load Secure to always allow the sharing of your location when you have POs in transit.  

It is suggested that you only change the location services settings when you are not assigned any POs. You may turn off the location services for Load Secure then, but keep in mind that when you are assigned a new PO, you will be required to enable location services again. 


Failure to engage in and maintain tracking for your shipment orders may violate agreements with specific providers, shippers, receivers, or other parties that are involved in the transportation of such an order. The effects of non-compliance with tracking may vary between parties, but it may result in lack of or delay in pay, poor reviews, the decision to not have you drive for the company again, among other possible outcomes.  

It is in your best interest to maintain compliance with the location information that Load Secure Systems asks of you to provide, as it is the crucial element of the system functionality. Your status is displayed to both providers and customers, and if you are not on tracking, they are allowed to contact you and ask that you do get on tracking through the Load Secure Driver application. 

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Load Secure Systems LLC reserves the right to amend, modify, delete, and make alterations to the terms outlined within this privacy policy. Upon such alterations, a link to the privacy policy will be updated within application stores, on our website, and accessible to all users. Any users who have questions or concerns regarding any changes made to the privacy policy may contact the Load Secure Systems team via a method listed below. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the information outlined in the privacy policy / terms of use agreement, such as how we collect and use your data, feel free to contact us via phone: +1 (888)304-4540, email:, or mail:  PO #14858 1623 Dalton Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45250.