3PL Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Contact Information

The Load Secure Systems platform records only the information supplied by you or your company representative with your knowledge. When your information is entered into the Load Secure Systems platform, it is recorded in the database so that you may have an individual account. 

The minimal information that must be supplied by when entering your information is your first and last name and email. It is not required that you supply your phone number, address, or any other information. However, if you wish to do so, it will be recorded in the Load Secure Systems platform. 

How We Use Your Information

Your e-mail address is your unique identifier within the entire Load Secure Systems platform. When logging into the Load Secure portal with your e-mail, you can view the information associated with you individually, your group, and your company as a whole. For more information on portal use, see the Company Admin and Company User Guide Packets.  

Your name is required for organization within your company, as well as to serve as an identifier within the company. Your name must be unique, so that others may view who created a specific PO.  

Options You Have

Your first and last name are required as your name must be a unique identifier within your company, so that others within your company know who created a specific PO. If you do not wish to supply your full name, you may enter an identifier in the last name field that will make your name unique. 

If there is certain information that you wish to not have recorded or disclosed to the Load Secure Systems platform, but still wish to use the platform, you may: 

i) Not enter such information, or if someone has entered it for you, ask that they remove it 

ii) Contact the Load Secure team for us to remove certain information from your record within the database. 

Once any of your information is deleted, there is no record of it and we are only able to access that information again if we ask you for it directly. 

Information We Do Not Collect

The Load Secure Systems platform does not collect information pertaining to your precise location, your browsing history or activities, unnecessary device information, contacts, file and/or photo access, microphone access, or camera access.  Load Secure will never call you and ask you to verify the password to your account. If you ever receive such a text, email, or call, contact Load Secure and we will make sure that your account and information are secure. 

What We Do Not Do With Your Information

We do not share your information with any third-party platforms or parties. Your information is only visible to the Load Secure Systems administrators, and the platform developers. For your additional privacy, the only information required of you is your name and email, as these are your unique identifiers and other information is not necessary.   

We do not sell your information or permit the usage of the information for anything other than the platform functionality. In the event that a court order is provided that asks for any of your information that we have available, we may be required to share this with the authorized party. 

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Load Secure Systems LLC reserves the right to amend, modify, delete, and make alterations to the terms outlined within this privacy policy. Upon such alterations, a link to the privacy policy will be updated on our website and accessible to all users. Any users who have questions or concerns regarding any changes made to the privacy policy may contact the Load Secure Systems team via a method listed below. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the information outlined in the privacy policy / terms of use agreement, such as how we collect and use your data, feel free to contact us via phone: +1 (888)304-4540, email: support@loadsecuresystems.com, or mail:  PO #14858 1623 Dalton Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45250.